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Steve Brinksman, MD

Birmingham CrossCity Clinical Commissioning Group, Birmingham, UK

Steve Brinksman has been a general practitioner (GP) in Birmingham, UK, for more than 20 years, working with drug and alcohol users since the start of his career. His interests are in the pragmatic delivery of high-quality services and education. He is the Clinical Lead for
the Substance Misuse Management in General Practice network (SMMGP), which aims to promote best practice for all supporting drug and alcohol users in primary care settings.

Dr Brinksman’s career has included working in both adult and young person’s community drug teams, and he was one of the two lead GPs in substance misuse employed by Birmingham’s Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) to develop the city’s highly successful primary-care- based drug treatment model. He was also the DAAT’s Alcohol Lead for primary care, and has been the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Regional Lead in substance misuse for the West Midlands, UK, since 2004. He is also the Clinical Lead for Inclusion Drug, Alcohol & Psychological Therapy Services, an NHS drug and alcohol treatment service that operates from multiple locations in the UK.

Dr Brinksman has been involved in developing and delivering training in the field of working with alcohol users for both the RCGP and SMMGP, including training for the Advanced Certificate in the Community Management of Alcohol Use Disorders that was recently developed by the SMMGP. Dr Brinksman is also Drink and Drugs News magazine’s regular ‘Post-its from Practice’ columnist.