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Antoni Gual, MD, PhD

Addictions Unit, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Spain

Antoni Gual is a psychiatrist, with many years’ experience in alcohol research in both the clinical and the public-health fields. He received his MD from the University of Barcelona, Spain, and studied for a Master’s degree in substance abuse at the same university. The subject of his doctoral thesis was the efficacy of group therapy in the treatment of alcohol dependence.

Dr Gual’s main area of professional interest is addictive behaviour, particularly alcohol dependence, and he specializes in the treatment of the dual diagnosis of mental illness with an addiction disorder. He is Senior Consultant and Head of Department at the Addictions Unit of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, and also acts as Alcohol Consultant for the Department of Health of the Government of Catalonia. He is coordinator of the Alice Rap project, which aims to stimulate a broad and productive debate on science-based policy approaches to addictions. He is involved in several European research projects in the areas of public health and in several clinical trials, including trials of pharmacological and psychological treatments for alcohol dependence syndrome and epidemiological studies on the impact of alcohol on public health.

Dr Gual has published in journals that include Biological Psychiatry, Addiction, and European Neuropsychopharmacology. He is Vice President of the International Network on Brief Interventions for Alcohol & Other Drugs (INEBRIA); Research Officer for the European Federation of Addiction Societies (EUFAS); and a past president of the Spanish scientific society for the study of alcohol, alcoholism, and other drug dependencies (SOCIDROGALCOHOL).