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Progress in Mind: focus on alcohol use disorders

Symposium 15-16 November 2014, Paris, France

Saturday 15 November 2014


09:00-09:10Welcome by Chair
Ian Gilmore, UK
09:10-09:45Plenary session, Alcohol dependence: a treatable brain disease with serious health consequences
David Nutt, UK
09:45-10:15Plenary session, The hidden side of alcohol
Jürgen Rehm, Canada and Germany
10:15-10:45Plenary session, How alcohol use disorders affect your practice
Steve Brinksman, UK
10:45-11:30Coffee break
11:30-12:30Parallel breakout sessions
 A. Motivating patients with alcohol problems Antoni Gual, Spain
 B. Alcohol dependence and depression: cause or consequence? Henri-Jean Aubin, France
 C. The relationship between alcohol and hypertension Daniel Duprez, USA
 D. Alcohol dependence and sleep disruption Timothy Roehrs, USA
 E. Vulnerabilities and management of relapse Anne Lingford-Hughes, UK
12:30-13:15Parallel breakout sessions repeat
14:15-15:00Panel discussion, Key messages from breakout sessions
Henri-Jean Aubin, Daniel Duprez, Antoni Gual, Timothy Roehrs, and Anne Lingford-Hughes (moderated by Ian Gilmore)
15:00-15:45Plenary session, Visualizing the alcohol-dependent brain
David Nutt, UK
15:45-16:15Coffee break
16:15-17:00Plenary session, No decision about me without me: a patient perspective on alcohol dependence
Anne Lingford-Hughes, UK
19:30Symposium dinner